Our strategy: your path to success


Our tried and tested strategy produces sound and sustainable IT solutions for realising the benefits associated with optimised IT Service Infrastructure Management and Automation.

Our experience has led us to develop a realisation methodology that produces consistent results that will firstly identify where to start, then progress to delivering value and onwards to enable your team to continue to reap the rewards that automation brings to your IT operation.

These are the key steps of our successful IT Service Infrastructure Management and Automation realisation strategy:

Technology briefing

Interested to know more about the technology available today to drive down operational costs, then dip into the water with a short technology briefing. A half day informal workshop, chalk and talk about how the latest advancements in enterprise and automation tools might help you deliver improved IT services.


Our assessment services are based on established methodologies to quickly answer the simple question “Where do I start applying or building upon enterprise management and automation with my IT operation?”. Ranging from short, snappy, 5 day mini-assessments focussed on a specific team in one location, right up to multiple teams located over many sites, our assessments will answer that question and provide a unique perspective on your IT operation.

Technical Discovery and Design

Understanding the manual interactions between the components that make up your technology landscape is key to unlocking the potential automation can bring. These interactions reflect the intent of your IT processes. Our broad IT experience and ability to engage with technology subject matter experts enables us to determine specifically where enterprise management and automation tools can be applied to that landscape to yield the most benefit.

Technical discovery results in an outline design that not only describes the technology architecture, but also describes the specific use cases that deliver the most benefit and the outline specifications of any custom integration that might be required.


A solid foundation is required to ensure that any form of technology delivers promised benefits. We have built some of the worlds largest automation solutions that have proven scalability and extensibility to accomodate your current and future needs.

An automation infrastructure is a capability. Exploiting this capability requires the careful development of automation libraries that can be put to purpose and repurposed over and over again. We can help you achieve the following:

  • Establish a recognised place where automation expertise lives in your organisation
  • Build automation libraries to execute end to end IT processes across your technology landscape
  • Empower your teams with the ability to capture, design and realise automation benefits for years to come
  • Work with you to specify and develop custom integrations

Our realisation services start with a short 5 day design, implement and handover service for those looking to develop solutions themselves, through to a longer embedded expertise service which complements your existing automation team.


Let us help you understand what the latest advances in IT Service Infrastructure Management and Automation technology look like, how to get the most from them and keep them operating and delivering value. Our education services are tailored to your specific needs and delivered on your site. Our workshops range from basic product training for designers or operators, through to how to undertake assessments.

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